Asia Foam Industry Co.,Ltd. is reputable styrofoam and polystyrene products manufacturer in southern part of Thailand, Hatyai.

Established in 1978, Asia Foam Industry Co.,Ltd. produces a wide variety of styrofoam and plastics products supply to the regions.

Due to its strategic location our customers cover local and overseas, such as Malaysia, Singapore and Canada.

Customers satisfaction is our priority, that is why Asia Foam Industry has taken paramount mount on achieving a high degree of quality distinction.


Asia Foam Industry Co.,Ltd. offers a wide range of styrofoam products to the local , cold storage and the regions.

Our products are: Styrofoam Box, Styrofoam sheet, LLDPE Plastic Bag, LDPE Plastic Bag, HDPE Plastic Bag, Vacuum Plastic Bag, OPP Tape/Transparent Tape, PSP Lunch Box, PSP Tray, PP Plastic Bag, PP Packing Tape/Strapping Tape, PP Disposable Cup, Basket for Cold environment purpose/fishery purpose, Etc.

We provided standard size for our product and also welcome custom order from customers.

Styrofoam Box
Styrofoam Sheet
Styrofoam Block
Self Extiguishing EPS Block
PSP Lunch Box
PSP Bowls
PSP Trays
Disposable Cups
Disposable Spoons & Forks
Food Wrapping Paper
Trash/Garbage Bags
HDPE Plastic Bags
LDPE/LLDPE Plastic Bags
PP Plastic Bags
Vacuum Bags
Shopping Bags
PP Strapping Tape
OPP Tape
Square Baskets
Round Baskets
Rectangular Containers
Round Containers
Sauce Containers
Antanoid by MisterAnt