Asia Foam Industry Co.,Ltd. is established in 1978 in Hatyai, Songkhla Southern part of Thailand, by founder Mr. Vichien Sae-wong and Mrs. Seeyin Sae-wong. We supplies stryofoam boxes to the local fishery, cold storage and 14 others province in the southern part of Thailand.

With our strategic location, 60 kilometers from the Malaysia borders, our customers include Malaysia and also Myanmar fisheries.

In 1989, Asia Foam Industry expanded our very first factory with 3,400 square meters. That was when we ventured into the first plastic packaging for southern part of Thailand’s Coldstorage and export purpose. It is the place where we became the leading plastic packaging manufacturer in the southern part of Thailand.

In 1995, We set up our 2nd factory in the same province in the land of 6,400 square meters, and became the biggest Styrofoam product manufacturer in the southern part of Thailand. And it is growing along with the country till today.

Our 3rd factory was set up in the land of 3,500 square meters in the year 2002, it made the very first and only PSP lunch box manufacturer in the southern part of Thailand. Here we provide the PSP tray, PSP bowl and PSP lunch box to the whole southern part of Thailand and certain states of Malaysia.

Until today, we are the leading one-stop plastic product manufacturer for local and overseas. Our products are well known in the market for its durable, quality and the reasonable price.

We are growing and we will grow along with you.

About Us
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